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    I asked the GMs a few questions so I'm posting the answers I got since they might be helpful to some of you.

    1. What are all the status effects in this game?
    1. Paralyzed, poisoned, bleeding (a new status), sleep and confused.

    2. Which status conditions can be cured and which ones are only temporary (as in they'll go away eventually like paralysis)? Which are both (temporary but can still be cured)?
    2. Paralysis can be cured but will wear off after some time, poisoned can be cured by won't go away on it's own, bleeding is more aggressive than poisoned but can be cured, it won't go away on it's own. Sleep is a status problem that you occur when you don't sleep at night, you'll fall asleep and wake up 5 hours later. It'll be gone after those 5 hours. Confused can be occurred when you hit your head too hard. There is no cure, it'll go away on it's own.

    3. Which ones can be cured by potions?
    3. Answered this in two.

    4. How many of those potions can be found in stores? How many of them can be made with alchemy?
    4. The potions for curable atatus problems can be bought in stores. Every cure except for the bleeding cure can be made with alchemy. The cure for bleeding can be made only with a very high alchemy skill.

    5. What are the ways to get resources for forging (what sorts of enemies drop resources, can you go mining, things like that)?
    5. You can mine, get flowers, get it from monster drops… or even cooking. There are also swords of shields made with antidotes or other cures.

    6. Is player level only influenced by combat XP or can it also increase by increasing skills?
    6. No, it can only increase by combat XP.

    7. With the bulletin board in place, can we still make up our own quests for our characters?
    7. Yup, but tell me about the quest so that I know if it's acceptable.

    8. How difficult is it to forge a weapon with a special effect (e.g. Turnip's boomeraxe)?
    8. Very difficult.

    9. What will the price list you guys are making include? (food, weapons, potions, etc.)?
    9. Food, weapons, armor, ingredients for food, cures etc.
    I'll put something cool here eventually.
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