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Update 3: (3/8 Gym Badges)]

Ive been doing a bit of training, and ive also named some pokemon:

Marshtomp (Mo.J) Lvl23
Water Gun
Mud Shot

Aron (Rock Solid) Lvl21
Rock Tomb
Metal Claw
Iron Defence

Electrike(Usain Bolt) Lvl21
Shock Wave
Thunder Wave
Quick Attack

Swellow(Mo Farah) Lvl22
Wing Attack
Steel Wing
Focus Energy
Quick Attack

Breloom(No Nickname) Lvl23
Mega Drain
Stun Spore
Mach Punch

Stay Tuned for the next update

3/16 badges

Trainer Type Ultimate Challenge

Fire Red 8/8
Heart Gold 0/0
Emerald 8/8
Pearl 0/0
Black 8/8
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