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    Hi everybody (It's been a while since last time I posted, because as I said I had to study for school). Anyway, in July I started programming a new tool, DS PokeHack Studio. After some request from my friends, I programmed DS PokeHack Studio as a stand-alone and cross-platform program (during the year I had to review C++ studies...). For now, DS PokeHack Studio can only modify texts, items, attacks, pokemon's stats, evolutions and movesets (the only new feature compared to the other tools is the moveset editor).
    It is compatible with Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, in every language (without Japanese).
    DS PokeHack Studio is in early development, so it has many bugs. Here I uploaded today's svn build, for people who want to give it a try. The Linux version source code is hosted on Launchpad, for programmers who are interested in it.

    Link to SVN version 03082013
    Launchpad page

    I would like if people who try DSPHS and find some bugs would report it here.
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