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" I guess its go time. "

Name: Crown
Age: 19
Gender: M
Personality: Crown was originally a very kind-hearted and laid back youth with several unpredictable mood swings. However after he met Piccolo and was inducted into training with him he was molded into a determined, resilient, and some what serious martial artists. He was taught not to enjoy fighting. But he'd be lying to himself if he said he didn't enjoy seeing his own progress in action either. Along with that he also despises the weak-hearted and in doing so often pushes them more then others to " Lean on yourself for a change. " as he so delicately put its. His heart is always on the side of good but that doesn't mean he doesn't have bad habits as well. Crown has been noted to be too curious for his own good and to stubborn for the good of others. Whenever he sets his aim on an opponent he moves forward without even flinching, even going so far as to mock them as he approaches. Besides all of this though the teen has a very strong and heavy apatite.

History/Training: Crown was born on a August evening in West City. His father was a worker for a company and advent marital artist, while his mother was a stay at home mom. The earliest parts of his life was filled with a crankier than normal infant. He would wail loudly for the smallest of reasons and then just as quickly sleep peacefully. Imagine this happening even after you've done everything you were taught to quite a baby down. His parents called this the ' Age of Tears ' cause they literally cried every night.

From his second year of life to his seventh, Crown was for the most the ideal child. He was kind, curious, smart, and most importantly dedicated. He excelled in school and was the envy of all parents around him. It wasn't until he turned seven that he begin to show his true strength. His power would burst out wildly in random situations, these were usually accompanied by a shrieking wail and powerful shockwave. His parents had begun to grow worried that they would perish do to one of his random outbursts, so his father decided that he'd search for help. Crown was forced into several appointments following the next few months. Some of them were nicer then others and when they were presented with a glimmer of hope, it was required that he be emitted into a facility for research.

For three years he had to endure their cruel tests. They were painful and unmentionable to the public but they were done. A few months later, during one of his "tests" he was suddenly teleported from the steel chains and table. Standing there in front of him was a green man with antennae hanging off of his head. He had a deep voice, one that demanded respect from anyone speaking to him. From then on out he was Piccolo's student. The two trained vigorously to control Crown's power. For ten long years to be exact. Over the years Crown gained an unbreakable bond with Piccolo, one that not even the most malicious of intentions could break. As he is now Piccolo expects him to do great things but Crown isn't to sure of himself.

Appearance: Crown is a pale skinned youth with black, unruly, neck length hair. Several bangs fall in between his brows and a few frame the sides of his face. His hair is so unruly that a single spike of hair is often raised at the crown of his head. His eyes are a deep black color and when his unknown power is invoked they become stained with a blood red color. He has an average build for a male but is vastly stronger than he appears. He stands at 5'8" and weight 140lbs. His sense of clothing has been inherited from his master, usually sticking close to loose clothing that allows good hand-to-hand combat but is also conventional for traveling in cities. He wears a high-collared black and gold trimmed robe with a white cloth wrapped over and around his torso. His feet are adorned with sleek, black boots that have dark gi-pants tucked inside of them.

- Gigante Maseko: A variant of Piccolo signature move. Its a bit larger in comparison to the original and has the potential to destroy an entire planet if need comes. The energy is colored crimson and purple in appearance.
- Multi-Form: A technique where Crown creates four copies of himself. They all have the same strength, speed, and techniques. All except the Unlock Potential technique.
- Unknown Potential: A sudden burst of power that increases all of his physical and energy abilities by 4x. Usually this burst of energy is enough to scare his opponents just from the upped powerlevel that he gains, but some refuse to give up even after that. This form usually give Crown crimson eyes and a darker aura. This puts so much strain on his body that he can't risk using this technique for more then a moment or two.

- Nebula's Crisis: Crown raises one of his hands face level with his palm facing him, while the other hand holds its wrist in preparation. Once he gathers enough energy he thrust his hands towards his target. The result being a huge, powerful, dark-colored blast that is even stronger then his Gigante Maseko technique. This blast is made up of the Unknown energy that courses through Crown's body. Its capable of wiping out several planets if its in its line of fire.

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