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Excellent! You're reserved. As a reference, reservations will last for two days.

I'll post mine as well.

Name: Gojude (Yep. I'm keeping that going.)
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Personailty: Gojude is a rather light-hearted guy with an obvious love for battle, and the need to become a better fighter so he can defend Earth better. He's always wanting to train or have fun or drive cars insanely. Gojude isn't exactly the "brightest crayon in the box" but he has a moderate knowledge, about a high school freshmen level. He is always happy, no matter what's going on, and will play jokes on people. Nothing too serious. Stuff like the "There's something on your shirt" bit that always gets everyone because it's too stupid to fall for. He doesn't understand sarcasm, and will often take everything literally, which has led to several accidents in the past. Gojude is rather fearless, facing any opponent with his best strengths, but he always had a strong fear of women his age. Don't get him wrong! He still likes them, but he doesn't know how to talk to them. They've always proved to be a challenge for him, be it talking to them or sparring. He quakes in fear at the very knowledge that they'll be coming his way.

History/Training: Gojude knew of his Saiyan heritage from a very early age. His grandfather had been the son of Goten, and his father the grandson. His great-grandfather passed before he was born, but his grandfather passed his knowledge and training down to his father, who handed them down to him. Gojude was subject to serious training from an early age, around five or six. It was at this time that his tail was removed in a training incident. It can be grown back, but nobody knows how to make it grow. He did nothing but train and learn about Saiyan history for the first twenty years of his life. He never strayed from Goku's original home on Earth: KameHouse.

Gojude officially reformed the Z Fighters around the age of twenty, searching for the descendants of his great-grandfather's comrades. He eventually found them all and they all took their place in history as Earth's mightiest defenders. (Take that Avengers!) He has been tirelessly working to grow stronger, and has worked with his allies to make THEM even stronger.

Appearance: Gojude is a physically fit guy, and could be considered a bit of a body builder. Due to the countless amount of time spent in the gym, he's become ripped. He has big hair to match his body, and has long black hair much like his ancestors'. It's very spikey and tall, and increases his height from 6'5, to 6'9. Gojude has a rather Gohan-like face, but it is much more rugged. He has a rather prominent scar across his nose from an intense training session, but he takes pride in his battle/training scars, tending to say, "It shows I've made progress!" Gojude's normal apparel consists of the weighted clothing used by the original Z Fighters, and when he isn't wearing that, a white tunic, dark green pants, and a black belt-ish thing.

Techniques (Start with no more than 3 and a "Signature")
- Kamehameha (Yep. I'm cheating.): A collection of ki energy gathered into a single beam. It can have several variants, and has the potential to bust planets
- Kaioken x4 (Super Saiyans do not exist, seeing as the blood lines of both Goku and Vegeta are dilluded, and Kaioken takes its place. Can be used by all.) Increases Gojude's Ki level for only a moment, but can be used to deal serious damage to opponents stronger than the user. The highest known Kaioken level is 20. Kaioken is very useful for non-Super Saiyans, but it damages the user's body as well.
-Dragon Fist Barrage (My first original XD): Gojude launches a lightning fast series of punches, powered by his ki.

Signature- The Spirit Bomb: For those of you who haven't watched the anime, it's basically a mega-uber death ball that Goku uses. It contains positive energy that must be given from sentient beings willingly, and only destroys one with negative energy. Basically all baddies. Gojude gathers energy taken (Willingly of course) from sentient beings into a ball over his head, and can grow to massive sizes. When he finishes charging it, he tosses it at his opponent.

"Don't worry guys! I got this! Just get behind me and give me your energy!"
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