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    Originally Posted by Charblade111 View Post
    I realize this is from two pages ago, but what? I'm assuming this is a typo, but is it that Pidove properly evolves or Starly properly evolves? I don't remember Starly in the game, though.

    Speaking of which, anyone know where to find a Fire Stone? I must have missed it somewhere, because I've seen a walkthrough with a Ninetales (which is what I want).
    It's an inside joke if you've ever watched Shofu's Let's Play videos of Pokemon Reborn. Someone criticized him for not catching Pidove, because it "evolves into a powerful Staraptor". So the commenters went wild with making jokes of Bidoof evolves into a powerful Staraptor, Kirlia is garbage, but it'll evolve into a powerful Staraptor. Stuff like that. xD

    Firestone can be found in one of the lowest room's rock in Pyrous Mountain. I heard where Heatmor is. I've never seen it there personally. xD It can also be found through mining, but that took me 1000 tries. xD
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