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    As Emigre broke down her explanation to the group of unique students, Boyce found it hard to keep his focus solely on her words. His mind was wandering all around the room, from the looks on the faces around him, to the detail of the faces around him. He had spent a good deal of time examining each of them as they walked in, but it was at this time that he began to really break down the characters around him. He made notes here and there on who seemed friendly, while sticking to his guns on the ones that he felt would be the least likely to talk. The nerves weren't so much of a factor anymore, there was a comfortableness that took over, but he was still relatively wary. There was so much now for him to put thought to, but more importantly there was a need to not let thought overtake him. The mind is a beautiful thing, until it becomes a beautiful disaster.

    "Well, I'm ready to learn." Boyce looked around the room once more, shutting his thoughts down and turning to Emigre once more. "Both from my courses, and from those around me. I ain't been the most social character in quite a while, so I guess I can do what's necessary to be more social. We are a team, after all. I mean of sorts anyways..." Boyce cleared his throat, wishing like nothing else that there was some form of water that was available in this moment. "I am open to talking to any of y'all, but I don't know that I have much to add to conversation in this moment. I'm still getting used to all of this. To all of y'all."
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