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General update.

In Black version I didn't do much... I'm training my team for the postgame. I'll quite possibly start the East Unova routes now because they're already quite strong. Current status:

Barbecue the Emboar L62
Cyanide the Scolipede L62
Pietra the Krookodile L62
Mikhail the Swanna L62
Tesla the Eelektross L62
Daenerys the Haxorus L62

Daenerys is currently my worst Pokémon but that should change once she learns Outrage and I get Earthquake.

In Black 2 I've done a lot of stuff...

Sasaki the Dewott L52
Faraday the Magnezone L51
Kerbero the Arcanine L51
Juliet the Roserade L51
Achilles the Heracross L51
Bones the Mandibuzz L51

I beat Skyla easily, with Kerbero killing Swoobat and Skarmory, and Faraday destroying Swanna. The routes after Mistralton are probably one of the most boring parts of the game, since it takes ages to get to Opelucid and, when you do get there, you still have to do Route 9 before fighting Drayden. Also, this part is where I had to grind to keep things easier to handle. First grinding session in Route 13 and, afterwards, the Breeder in Route 11 provides a nice sparring partner. This meant my Pokémon reached Drayden in their 50s and could handle the gym much better.

The gym itself is one of the interesting spots in Pokémon where you can have more trouble with the underlings than the leader. But this time, all went smooth. Against Drayden, I tried a different strategy. Kerbero was my trump card because of Outrage, but bringing him right away wasn't a good idea because Outrage could wear off before fighting Haxorus. So I decided to give Bones a chance. She handled Druddigon beautifully with STAB Foul Play, but fell to Flygon's Rock Slide. Anyway, her part was done, and Kerbero could come in and unleash Outrage for the win.

After I won, Team Plasma did their thing, Zinzolin got his ass handed to him again and Drayden lost the DNA Splicers to the Shadow Triad in a stupid move. I beat their remaining member and left to Undella, where Hugh called me, asking me to go to the newly-developed Humilau City. And this is where I am at.

Next time I'll beat the last gym, which should be very easy, and go after Team Plasma.

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