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    Name: Ayo-Vix Briefs "Goes by Ayo"
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female

    Personallity: Ayo-Vix is an extreamly open-minded and verbal individual, obviously being one who isn't afraid to speak what she thinks, even if it's frowned upon by others. Which usually isn't the case, being she is also very collected and is generally a nice person. However once on her bad side, she'll hold a grudge that's very difficult to get her to let go. Though her Saiyan blood is highly diluted, she still holds a deep sense of pride, and is definately not one to back down no matter what the odds. She's not at all very lady-like as she enjoys rough housing and intense physical training, much like that of any Z-warrior. Ayo is also really sensitive about her tail, being their hasn't been anyone with Saiyan blood born with one in generations, and prefers that it goes unnoticed.

    History/Training: Ayo-Vix Briefs was born with long since dismissed Saiyan traits, the most prominent of which is her golden tail, however she also has the aqua eyes of a Super Saiyan, though it's just a coincidence. Her hair has also not changed since the day she was born. Her abnormalities proved to be a hassle during her early school years as she commonly snapped, and hospitalized the class-mates that made fun of her. Because of this she was home-schooled, which consisted more towards her martial arts and Ki control rather than acdemics.

    Expossed to rigorous training at an early age, most of which was done by her mother with the assistance of the Capsule Corporation's technologies. The primary one of course was the Gravity Modifier which is a spherical room that enhances the Earth's gravity by a set amount. Because of this advantage Ayo learned to fly young.

    She was given the Six-Star ball at the age of sixteen, as birthday gift, from her father. Along with the Dragonball itself she was informed of her important duty that she would now undertake. Ayo continued her training with the assistance of her mother, and father for a couple more years before feeling confident enough to venture out into the world.

    Leaving home at nineteen years of age, Ayo figured the best way to uphold her duty of protecting her Six-Star ball was to be constently moving. During this time she became very self-sustained. She also had the goal to meet the other Z-warriors, knowing that they were the most powerful fighters in the world, and just couldn't pass up an opportunity like that.


    "Try not to get too nervous guys."

    Kaioken x5: Ayo increases her abilities by the amount specified for a very limited time. The highest known Kaioken level is 20. Kaioken is very useful for non-Super Saiyans, but it damages the user's body as well.
    Multi-Shell Shot Gun: A rather simple yet useful technique, Ayo fires five identical Ki blasts from a single hand. Four will curve outward than converge back in to a single point directed by the fifth blast that leads by inches. What makes this technique different then a rapid outburst of Ki orbs is that should the five miss their target, rather than destroying eachother they blend into one larger Ki ball that can then be controlled by Ayo from a distance, though it takes much more concentration to do so.
    Chou Makouhou: Speedy and powerful the Mouth Energy Wave is self-explanitory. Ayo inhales deeply building a large amount of Ki within her body that is then spat out of her mouth as a purple ray of explosive energy.

    Final Flash Gun: Ayo builds an emmense amount of Ki in both her palms that are extended out to each side. She then continues to gather more Ki as she fuses the two outfront. Then fired all at once in a consentrated beam of condensed purple electric-based energy. The move is rather devestating due to the fact that it is is compossed of piercing energy, rather than explosive.
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