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Originally Posted by miakalina View Post
I forgot about those videos! I saw them on Youtube, but never really took the time to watch them. I think those will be useful. :D I'm currently working on my grammar and spelling. Sentence structures, omg. Don't even..... e.e
Oh man. Isn't it a subject-object-verb structure instead of the English Subject-verb-object structure? So instead of "I play Pokémon.", it would be "I Pokémon play." When I was reading about learning the language a lot of people said that was the hardest part.

Originally Posted by Seattle View Post
한국어를 배우는데 도움이 필요하시다면 뭐든지 저한테 물어보세요 ^_^

If you need help in learning Korean you could always ask me ^_^

Edit: Wow, I didn't know there was an emoticon for that particular smiley. Other than that I'm quite surprised a lot of people here want to learn Korean.
Thanks for that offer! I'm pretty surprised as well. I would have thought that Japanese would have been more popular because of Anime. :P

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