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    Originally Posted by AdrianD View Post
    Do I need to need to catch the pokemon before or after I save my game. To make it synch with the RNG program.

    Also what do the timers mean on here the min and max

    Sorry another question. Do I have to shut off my 3DS for this to work or just the game?
    Save the game? The only time you should be saving the game for calibration is ONCE and that's at the beginning of the "procedure", you save in an area where you intend to catch high leveled Pokemon in order to input them into the DS Parameters window. So BASICALLY

    1. Save in an area with high leveled Pokemon

    2. Turn game off and set the arbitrary time to which you will be inputting into the DS Parameters window.

    3. Using EonTimer to know when to start the game up from the MAIN window of the DS/3DS.

    4. Get into the game and catch Pokemon and input data into the DS Parameters window.

    That's it, once you get the results you redo the whole process without saving. The timer0's are basically what you're landing on for the given reset. They WILL be different but if you do the process enough times you can narrow it down to ones that you hit more often then others, this being especially true for Black 2/White 2.
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