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Originally Posted by Zero° View Post
Ehh, I'm just gonna stop using that style for now lol. (Late thanks for the CnC Dero) I'm going to revive this gallery again and start posting more tags. They'll probably vary a lot in style/quality because I'll be experimenting different kinds of styles, looks, etc. just to be more knowledgeable in these different styles.

2 versions because I couldn't decide on the lighting. I really enjoyed making this tag, it's the first tag I've made in a while so I was surprised it turned out well after a 3-4 month hiatus from Photoshop. CnC is most appreciated, and like I said, the next time will most likely be different from this one since I'll be doing different styles.

edit: just made another one similar in style to the one above, but I still like the first one over this one
Man your work is amazing, probably the best I've ever seen. But on the first 2 tags I feel like the bottom right corner is just a bit plain considering the rest of the space on the tag is filled. Hope I can get as good as you one day
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