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So, did you like the feature of roaming Pokémon?

Yeah. It initially irritated me when I couldnt' get Latios (had used my Master Ball) but now I find it fun - as long as I have a Wobbuffet, as a lot of roamers fly so Dugtrio is useless.

Do you want it brought back in Gen VI?

Probs not going to play Gen VI (still haven't bought B2W2), but I don't not want it, if that makes any sense. But it would be a nice gimmick to set them apart if there weren't any roamers in X & Y (although I think they'll be unique enough anyway).

What would you change about them?

The IV glitch - I can't get a good Latios because of it.

Would you perhaps make it so paralysis and sleep would make them stay in the battle until they wake up?

Yeah that'd be cool.

What was your favourite method of capturing them?

Weaken them through numerous encounters, stock up on poké balls, stick Wobbuffett at the front of my party and go crazy :)

Bonus Question: Do you think GF should have paid more attention to the two glitches that appeared in Gen III's dog (and Lati) roamers? For those that don't know there are two glitches; one that affects the roamers in RS and FRLG this glitch makes it so the roamers will have extremely low IV's and the other is purely for FRLG where if the player encounters Entei or Raikou they can Roar to flee; if they do they will disappear from the game forever. Emerald is unaffected by any of this.

The IV glitch is irritating, but I don't see how they could've fixed it. Many pokémon players such as myself at the time, didn't know or care about it.
Didn't know about the Roar one, suspected it though. That should've been fixed. At least you can catch [email protected]
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