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Eh, I don't use pick-up lines. Why?

In which on one of the many times I've found myself traveling, I notice a very attractive girl in the breakfast area of the hotel.

Me: Hey, how you doing?
Girl: (Looks at me) . . . .
Me: So, how about that rain we had last night? [Doe!]
Girl: (Still looking at me) . . . . . . . . . .
Me: . . .
Girl: Okay, yes, I'm sorry. It was me that knocked on your door last night. I just confused the numbers, and thought the key had stopped working, and-I'm sorry! (Girl exit stage left.)
Me: *-*
Random Dude: Hey man, if that was supposed to be a pick-up (weirdterm), maybe you shouldn't stare at 'er like you're gonna kill 'er.
[Fail! The unwitting death glare!]

Yeah... I only ever tried pick-up lines four times or so.
I'm no good with that sort of thing, anyway. But hey, I'm fine.
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