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Originally Posted by Andr3w View Post
Oh man. Isn't it a subject-object-verb structure instead of the English Subject-verb-object structure? So instead of "I play Pokémon.", it would be "I Pokémon play." When I was reading about learning the language a lot of people said that was the hardest part.

Thanks for that offer! I'm pretty surprised as well. I would have thought that Japanese would have been more popular because of Anime. :P
Yea. I forget the structure some times and my sentences are a mess. Same for when I'm trying to speak Japanese. xD I'm trying to memorize vocabulary. I forget the words so fast. :|

I'm surprised too. I really didn't think there would be that many people trying to learn Korean. I always see people trying to use Japanese and stuff. I love Korean. :D Well, I love a lot of languages, but Korean is currently my favorite. :>