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    NOTE: Changed Mandibuzz's name to Bones.

    I did A LOT of stuff today.

    Beat Marlon easily. Faraday beat Carracosta, and Juliet beat Wailord and Jellicent. After that I did the whole Team Plasma part, which accounted for about 3 hours of gameplay. I noticed something quite funny: it seems Hugh loves to yell at Team Plasma that they're about to feel his rage... In this second playthrough of the game, it really has dawned on me how Hugh is one dimensional. The ONLY thing he cares about is his sister's Purrloin. Purrloin (now Liepard) found, he loses all purpose. Cheren and Bianca were way better characters. You can't really ask much from a Pokémon game in terms of story and character development, but, after Black and White, the sequels were a disappointment. Colress is the only new character with some kind of personality.

    Anyway, the fights against Zinzolin and the Shadow Triad went smoothly, so I went after Ghetsis. Black Kyurem was a joke, and it didn't help that he started to charge Freeze Shock when I attacked... Seriously, another thing that ticks me off are these legendary battles in the games. A legendary is supposed to be overwhelmingly powerful, not something I can kill with a run-of-the-mill Pokémon. Sure, Arcanine is powerful, but at L55 Kyurem went down way too easily, and Zekrom wasn't all that hard to kill in Black 1 either.

    After that, came Ghetsis. Kerbero disposed of Cohagrigus pretty well, and Juliet owned Seismitoad. Ghetsis then sent Eelektross, which was severely damaged by Petal Dance but killed me with Acrobatics. Good thing that Poison Point activated, poisoning and killing Eelektross. I then sent Sasaki since it was the most "neutral" Pokémon I had, and Ghetsis countered with Drapion. The scorpion was easily defeated with Surf, and Hydreigon came out. He nearly killed Sasaki, but I healed myself and killed him with Megahorn. His final Pokémon was Toxicroak, which I killed with Bones.

    After all that, and all the cutscenes that pushed the limits of the DS (but were piece of cake for my 3DS), I saved at the first hut of Route 23, with the team as follows:

    Sasaki the Samurott L58
    Faraday the Magnezone L57
    Kerbero the Arcanine L58
    Juliet the Roserade L56
    Achilles the Heracross L56
    Bones the Mandibuzz L56

    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, the day Pokémon pulled a Dallas and jumped the shark.