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I am that one android guy

yes i am using android and have used an ios in the past albeit for a very short time.

currently i have a xperia go running jellybean 4.1.2 yes blame sony on late os releases. I had every intention of changing my phone but mere ruggedness and sturdiness of it keeps me chained.

Although as many say android lacks the shine or richness that ios has i contradict this. the later/latest versions of android are much better than ios in my opinion as they have improved upon the performance of the OS starting from the so called "project butter" and the freedom that it has always given us in terms of customization. and i have personally felt the difference when i upgraded from gingerbread to ics to jb (jellibean not justin beiber ) all have massive differences.

I have never actually used a windows phone hence commenting on that is pointless although i am actually in favor of nokia's latest efforts.

What i am even more exited about are those operating systems emerging from depths to try and take android and the ios head on like the sailfish or Firefox or even the Ubuntu.

This is certainly the kind of topic i love to talk about :D
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