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    Thanks for the feedback. I was actually surprised in retrospect that I received a positive anonymous comment. It was as if, they agreed, but maybe they didn't want anyone else to know they agreed? haha

    As far as the second one, it was in response to a recent post I made about the Snowden story. I simply introduced another perspective than what was offered, of which was equating him to a hero or martyr of sorts in the multiple posts made in the thread. Apparently the poster wasn't able to find the words or justified arguments in order to have a discussion in order to explain what flaws, which I am sure several existed, in my post.

    To me, it just seems unnecessary. By sending me, essentially, a ghost PM, it doesn't really engage my interest since I cannot respond whether it is a positive or negative comment. I would actually be fine with it if the comment was visible for everyone, essential a post that is anonymous for everyone to see.

    Either way it's not a huge deal if it stays or goes. I just found it odd, and a needless concern that other users might run into problems with in the future.
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