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I actually like to use the post comments to offer support to a member where posting something on the thread would deviate the topic, or VMing them seems personal, and PMing them seems a bit intrusive.

For example the "last breakup thread" (I forget the actual name of it) in CCP I posted to a couple people stuff like "chin up bro" or "your ex sounds terrible, I hope you've moved on."
I find them helpful in those situations.

I like to put my name at the end of post comments, but I personally wish they weren't anonymous because some people have left negative feedback on them before. I shrug off the hate, but there may be those who would take it more personally and be quite upset about it.
Nevertheless I like the feature, and I think it should be made a point that if you receive a neg comment, you can very well bring it to higher staff to take a look- as I didn't realize they could even see it and it would be useful to know. :3
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