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Aciano Nakamura

AKA : Ace
Age: 24

Aciano is a boy who likes to train a lot. Usually, he can trains for days without any socializing and eating or drinking. He is what they call a training-addict and is very confident in his capacities. Sometimes, he likes to brag about them and call people on fight. He has inherited only one thing from his mentor : the love for women. Otherwise, he dropped the laziness that stopped Yamcha from training correctly and being stronger. He likes to seduce women, no matter their age but only if they were looking good. He is a hyperactive boy, not liking to sit on his butt. Afterwards, he is a friendly, teasing person. He enjoys fighting more than anything and won't miss an occasion to fight.
History/Training: Aciano Nakamura is the son of an old friend of Yamcha when this one used to stay in the city. Many years ago, Aciano's dad passed away in a tragic car accident. He was a little baby at this time. Aciano then got adopted by Yamcha, who thought he couldn't let this kid alone by himself in this cruel world. At the age of 5, Aciano began to be trained in martial arts by Yamcha who wanted to have a disciple to continue his legacy. He learning the basics of mastering his Ki and using it in battle under the guidance of Yamcha. By the age of 15, Aciano had already learned everything he could under the guidance of his master. There was nothing left for him to do with Yamcha.
So he decided to leave and travel around the world so he could meet new fighters and probably get stronger from his experience fighting them. He expected to be able to learn and master new techniques and become the ultimate fighter. That was his goal. Following this objective, he landed at a temple of ninja monks who learned him new styles of fighting that he never heard of. He learned to become a swift, precise and lethal warrior under these monks while maintaining the brute style that Yamcha taught him. He combined the two to make a fighting style that only he could use.
When he finally decided to return back to the city, he learned that Yamcha had passed away. It pained him a lot but he decided to carry on with life and become the strongest and win the World Tournament to honor his master's name. His master had left away the 7th Dragon Ball for him. He decided to join the Z Fighters and protect Earth just like his master did before him.
-Fist of Death : An ameliorated version of Yamcha's Energy Punch. He charges the Ki in his fist which makes his whole hand bigger then he punches his opponent.
-Kaioken x3

Signature : Neo Wolf Fang Fist

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