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Sadj, 20 years old ♂



Sadj wears an orange gi similar to that of his ancestor, Yadjirobe. He's much thinner than him, however, due to his eating habits being far more modest, and as a result he is of moderate size, most of his weight being comprised of muscle. He has shaggy and spiky hair that's black as night. It's rather long, reaching down to his hindlegs, so he usually keeps in a ponytail and in the back of his gi. He stands tall at around six feet. His eyes are black and relatively small, though larger than his ancestor's. On his lower legs and feet he wears bandages (which he also wears on his arms, but not his fists), and over the bandages he wears straw tabi.

He carries two swords with him. The first of them sits on the left side of his hip. It's a katana with a black blade, formed from an alloy created from the mixture of a meteorite and steel, though it has no name. On his back, he carries a larger sword with a red blade. The reason it's red isn't because it is made out of a special metal or anything like that. Rather, it is so he can identify the weapon if it were to be placed with weapons of a similar weight class. The reason this is important is because the blade itself is not the reason he uses the sword; in fact, to actually use the blade to its full potential the blade needs to be removed from the sword. It creates a blade based on the amount of ki that the user emits at any given time. This Ki Blade is not made of energy, but rather, it is made out of metal that is a tangible manifestation of the users ki.


Sadj, having lived something of a monastic life, is quiet. He's capable of human interaction, however, and is actually quite eloquent when it comes to conversation...maybe to extreme lengths. He learned mostly from books and TV, so his formal and casual speech can blend, though generally his dialog tends to favor the former over the latter, quite the opposite of his famed ancestor.

He's rather impressionable and excitable, though he's smart enough to know what should rub off on him and what shouldn't. The God Hand technique, for example, is based off of a technique of the same name from a show that he likes. He took note of its defensive capabilities and decided to turn it into a capable technique for real use.

As far as fighting goes, he's also quite the opposite of his relative. He never really learned to be scared of humans or humanoids, and feels that fear could only be felt by something that didn't stand on two legs. As such, most times he favors fighting instead of flight. Having said all of this, he does maintain the eating manners of his ancestor, since he had no one to instruct him of the proper way to eat in the wild.


A large room, a TV, books, and swords. These were what crafted Sadj's environment for most of his life. It was tradition for the family's samurai to choose how they would train, and at a young age they would go off to live a solitary lifestyle somewhere. Being ronin as they were, the descendants of Yajirobe didn't teach each each other, nor did they learn from other masters. Instead, they would go off to learn and master their techniques. This way of living was created to reproduce the lifestyle of Yajirobe, the one who aided Earth's savior in defeating the Demon King. Sadj took to a relatively modern way of living, taking a TV with him, but never truly overindulging. The books existed not for training, but rather they him to re-enter society as one of stable mind and contemporary, appropriate lingo. Having said that, he did have books that were for training, as well as history books and technological books, which he used to retool the Absorption technique and the Kaioken.

In fact, it was through the creation of the Ronin's Fist technique (explained below) that he was able to reach new heights of power without having to use modern technology or higher gravity. Because of the technique's ability to push the body to the max, Sadj was able to use the Fist as a benchmark, and he learned to concentrate his Ki so that he could go above and beyond his body's limits (similar to how the Z Fighters would power up normally, since the Ronin's Fist does not require Ki to activate so much as it does to keep the body going). This combined with average nature survival allowed Sadj to become the most powerful of the Yajirobe family.

Other Information


Ronin's Fist - Designed after the King Kai Fist/Kaioken, Ronin's Fist is a technique that causes the user to go into an instantaneous adrenaline rush. As a result, their senses heighten dramatically, and their strength and speed become uncapped, as well as their ki uptake. It essentially forces the body to perform at its true limits, but it doesn't come without repercussions. After the adrenaline rush ends, dizziness ensues, and the user will become weaker until their body is able to recover.

God Hand/Steel Defense - Two versions of the same attack. God Hand allows the user to create a colossal hand out of ki. Theoretically, the God Hand could be controlled as an extension as oneself that could be used for combat, but Sadj does not have the ki control necessary for such skill. As a result, he uses it strictly for defense. Steel Defense creates a red shield in place of a hand, and can only be used when wielding the Ki Blade. Unlike the God Hand, Steel Defense's size can be changed at will.

Absorption: Sadj's signature technique. Because of Sadj's inability to project Ki, Sadj instead developed a technique that he could use to increase his strength to combat those who could. Absorption isn't the same as with villains such as Majin Buu or Cell. Rather, Sadj absorbs ki. In many respects, it's reminiscent of the Ki Absorption that was present in models 19 and 20 of the Red Ribbon Androids. It's a very prototypical skill, though Sadj believes that, if he is to develop it more, absorb physical properties, and maybe more. To absorb energy from something, all he has to do is touch it when the ability is active. The touch can be direct or through a medium, generally through his swords. This ability goes hand-in-hand with his God Hand/Steel Defense technique, as he has a much easier time absorbing pure ki than he does gathering it through physical means. In other words, if he were to defend against an orb-shaped attack, the God Hand would slowly absorb the attack, making it easier to defend overtime. This is a vital skill, given that he is unable to use beam based attacks himself. He also employs absorption to increase the duration of his Ronin's Fist.

Ki Expulsion

There is one tiny problem, however. Sadj can't fly, nor can he use ki blasts. Sadj specializes and using Ki for his body, which makes him a quick and painful force to be reckoned with, but he never mastered the art of expelling ki. This is also why he can't control the size or the motions of the God Hand. As far as travel is concerned, however, it is hardly an issue. He generally travels on water by running (which is part of the reason he wears tabi). When it comes to aerial combat, he employs the little amount of external ki control that he has and uses a minor form of the Sky Dancing Technique (Flight), in this case, rather than flight, it would be temporary levitation.
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