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A moderator is well within their rights to close a thread whether a rule is broken or not. Albeit there could have been more reasoning given to the closure of the thread by the particular moderator, I can only assume that the nature and/or direction of the topic was not deemed to be one that would attract a lot of decent discussion. Once again, I'd like to reiterate as I have before in previous threads, nobody is targeting you. I understand and empathize that you may feel that way, but most people don't go out to do so, and I can assure you if a staff member were to do so, they would be spoken to by a higher staff member accordingly.

As I say, a moderator is permitted to close a thread without you having to break rules, based on the merit and direction of a topic. You should shoot Brendino a friendly private message and ask why your thread was locked, he's a lovely dude and won't bite. So just try to take a breather buddy, nobody is out to get you. If you need any further assistance feel free to contact a higher staff member, but I can assure you that the closure of your thread was not done in a moment of bias and/or targeting state of mind.
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