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Justin, I understand you're upset about your thread being locked, but...

For one, you shouldn't be bringing this issue in public when you can PM Brendino and/or Rika about it. They had their reasoning to close the thread, and they told you said reasons when Brendino closed the thread, they weren't boasting, they told you why they closed it. Wouldn't it be worse if they just closed threads without explaining themselves?

Second, do not type with so many exclamation marks, that is considered rude when typing in the internet. And typing in caps is considered yelling. If you were a mod, and decided to close the thread for a perfectly valid reason, and someone decided to accuse you of boasting and closing their thread for no valid reason, showing nothing but anger in their post, would you not feel upset? They are doing their job, and they're persons like you and me. They have feelings, and instead of yelling and making them feel humiliated/upset/uncomfortable, wouldn't it be better to sort this out with a nice, friendly talk? Mods were chosen based on their reasoning of things and friendliness, otherwise they wouldn't be modding on the first place.

Lastly, they're not treating you unfairly. When closing threads a moderator must not show any sort of favoritism when closing or not a thread, it is their job to close threads they deem inappropriate, whether they break rules or not.

In the future, why not ask them if it would be okay to ask X or Y thing? This would pretty much avoid all the unnecessary trouble and drama you're putting everyone in by making this public instead of discussing with them about your thread being locked...

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