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    I originally created my account to download Pokemon Fulligin, Dark Rising, and/or Light Platinum. I forget which one, actually. I also created my account to keep tabs on Pokemon Litharreon as it progresses.

    That said, I am working on my first ROM hack now. In fact, I found this thread while browsing, trying to see if I could get a couple questions answered. And thoroughly reading all the rules for the various hacking sub-forums to make sure I don't dive in and waste a thread creation. I'm really liking the mapping aspect and designing a plot. I'm hopeless at scripting though.
    Friend code 2896-0480-0978. I don't know what type my friend safari is yet. Vivillon collector, Polar Pattern native. I stand no chance of ever getting a Poke Ball pattern. I see one on GTS asking for a Mew. I'd do that trade in an instant if I had one. If I had any event Pokémon, Genesect is the only one I wouldn't trade in a heartbeat for Poke Ball pattern. And even then, I might.
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