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    Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
    Change these bytes:
    @0813A130: 0x2F
    @0813A17B: 0x47
    @0813A1A0: [Pointer to Routine, plus 1 (one).]
    I'm trying to do an Emerald hack and see no one has successfully ported the sprites for Emerald yet (or at least done so and posted it here). I want to do it myself, but I have a question: what is the purpose of changing those first two bytes? I'm trying to find their Emerald equivalents, but no luck yet. I've tried putting read breaks on them in a FR rom, but never seem to trigger a read so I can't tell what they do.

    Also I've been looking at the logistics of it, and I'm trying to decide where the sprite would look best. The Emerald move screen isn't as accommodating as the FR one.

    EDIT: So in a huge oversight, I forgot that names could be longer than Raichu's... :/ Looks like 2 may be the better option, although I don't really like the positioning of it. That, or maybe print it over the little markings above the Poke portrait; I dunno about you guys, but I have literally never used the markings before.

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