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    ~The Normal Maniacs~

    The Normal-Type Fan Club

    *If any of you are interested in becoming the Club's Vice President or a Graphic Designer please send Normal Spirit a Personal Message, thank you!*

    Club Champion

    Club Elite Four

    Code of Conduct
    1. Follow all of PC's and Pokemon Groups' rules.
    2. Please don't spam, troll, harass or fight. You know how much we hate the fighting type
    3. Try to keep active please!
    4. Everyone can choose one partner Pokemon from the list upon joining and a nickname for you or your Pokemon if you want.
    5. Have fun!

    Sign-Up Form
    Your Pokémon Team:
    Your Pokémon Partner:
    Reason for joining:
    Answer the current topic!

    List Of Pokemon

    -Normal Spirit

    Vice President

    Club Graphic Designers

    Members List



    What are your biggest hopes for Pokemon X and Y as far as Normal-Type Pokemon design and concept is concerned?

    Club Champion & Elite Four Positions Rules
    To become qualified for these positions is simple. Win numerous battles with other club members. Depending on the results from those battles, the positions will be filled. A MINIMUM of five candidates is needed to host a club Wi-Fi tournament. The first place winner will become the Club Champion, the second place winner will become the fourth member(Elite Four Leader) of the elite four, the third place winner will become the third member of the elite four, and so forth.

    Any Challengers to the existing Elite Four & Champion will work as follows:
    1. If the challenger defeats some but not the rest(doesn't make it to the Champion or loses to the Champion), the Challenger will battle the last opponent that he defeated.

    EXAMPLE: If I beat the Elite Four but lose to the Champion, I will battle the Elite Four Leader, no one else.

    2. In the event of the Challenger succeeding in defeating an Elite Four member, the challenger will then be declared the newest member of the Elite Four and will take the place of the Trainer he defeated.

    *In the example above, if I were to beat the Elite Four Leader, I would become the newest Elite Four Leader and the defeated would be forced to resign. The same is true for all positions.*

    3. If a challenger defeats the Champion, the challenger will obviously become the new Champion.

    4. If you are a member of the Elite Four or the Champion, you can only use the Pokemon that you used to win. In other words, the team that you had when you made it on the records is the team you use throughout your career in the Club Battle Leadership. Your team will be recorded before entering into the tournament via post on this thread, you CANNOT switch out Pokemon between battles. Choose your best!

    *IMPORTANT- Your team must be at LEAST 50%(3 Pokemon) Normal-Type to qualify for official Club tournaments.*