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    Team name
    Team Horizon

    I am bitbybyte and I would like to say that welcome to the Team! If you are here you are possibly considering the possibility of joining my team. This team is created in order to make a series of Pokemon hacks to look on to and be proud of. :D

    The first hack I will be working on would be Pokemon Dark Horizon. I have been working on it as a private project for a while now adding stuff here and there. Although, I need assistance because one person cannot do this alone! :D

    Application form
    If you guys are interested, well, here's the application form!
    Skill(s): So I could see if your skills will be needed.

    Proof of Work: Redirect me to a previous hack you have worked on or something respective to that. If it's a script please post a script, if it's mapping then put a pic related to mapping.

    Past Experience: Show me your experience with the content.

    Contact Information: Tell me how to contact you so we could collaborate.

    Time Zone: Tell me your Time Zone that you live in so we could figure out what schedule we'll be working on!

    Current team members
    bitbybyte - Leader, Mapper, and Basic Scripter
    Insignificant Candlewax - Storyline Development Helper
    Allen - Scripter, Title Screen Changer, Pallete Editing
    Herpahermaderp - Scripting
    SammieLily2 - Proof Reader, Spriter, and Storyline Developer
    Pikachuie - Dev. Tester


    (Anything in, RED is not taken, anything in BLUE is taken,)
    (I want more than one person in each area so we could have backups in case one person goes missing)

    ASM Hacker

    A VERY GOOD Scripter
    Alpha/Beta Testers
    Title Screen Changer
    Storyline Development Helper
    Spriters! (Trainer back spriters and Overworld Spriters! We only have 1 so please join!)
    Palette Editor

    Current Projects
    Pokemon Dark Horizon - [A HACK OF FIRE RED]
    Takes place in a region far to the east called Elton, where there is a boy (Hero) or girl (Heroine), who lives with only his/her mother and who dreams of participating in the PWFT [Pokemon World Frontier Tournament]. Like his father the boy/girl wants to become the Arena King and dominate the Lower Dominion called "The Underground". A series of tunnels and rooms that lead to its Master called "The Underground Duelist, Yami". Yami, is the most powerful trainer in Elton nobody is known to defeat him. Except one person.... your father. You want to become Arena King, defeat Yami and finally your Father. To do this the Boy or Girl must collect the 8 Arena Badges. [Kind of like the Frontier Badges but it replaces the Gym]. Once with that, the winner will become the Arena King. After that he will "dominate" the Underground and become the most powerful trainer in all of Elton. That is the goal.


    (Anything in blue are the notes of that feature explaining a bit more in-depth.)
    Day/Night System: I actually tried this and it didn't work so I'll need some help with this. Also, for time exclusive events.

    Seasons: I wanted to add this to add more originality to my hack and to add some season exclusive events. (Due to change)

    Phone: To ask for rematches, and more. I want it to kind of be like the Pokegear.

    New Region

    More and New Pokemon: We all love those! :D

    Costume's: [WILL NEED ASM HACKING, IT IS POSSIBLE] I was playing ACIII and loved how you could change costume so I would love to be able to add costumes you could change into!

    Choices: The choices will determine how the game runs out. There won't be too many but the answers you choose, will change whether your friends with that person and if that person will help you.

    & More that I know there are but can't think of at the moment. I'll be sure to add once I think of it. Some of these are subject to change because of ROM space or if it can actually be possible but many of these are! :D

    Thanks for reading my excessively long thread! XD
    It means a lot!
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