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    They need money for the upcoming court case.

    Cream of the crop. The Republican Party shows it is dedicated to the principle of hypocrisy and lightening up politics with their silliness. Thank God (or no-God) they have passed Democratic legislation for the Democrats. Thank God they have shot themselves in the foot, bashed themselves in the brain, snapped their backs, played Russian roulette with only themselves, and worshiped the Golden Calf of No and reenacted the 1900s.

    Although even in the 1960s when all those (Democratic, I know) Southern senators were having their long filibusters against civil rights no one asked them for a reimbursement. Find me a time when people asked for refunds on filibusters, someone. Democrat or Republican, or their spiritual predecessors.

    This is what the Republicans will do in 2016, the next presidential election:

    "I think we need to remember why we're having this special session," Rigatoni said. "One state senate, in an effort to capture national attention, freed national attention from us. We are now 1% in the polls."

    "Don't worry, John. We still have the $2.4 million from that filibuster down in, uh, what was it? Texas, yes, Texas!


    "We firmly believe the Republican Party should reimburse the taxpayers for the entire cost of this presidential election. We are sure they have raised enough money at the Americans for Tax Reform fundraiser to cover the cost. Or, rather, cut enough taxes to cover the cost. We're sure Grover Norquist can cough that up from his 31 years of disservice to this country."

    I looked at my calendar and it is about a fiscal quarter too late for this April Fool's joke. I hope this fiscal matter will be resolved by day's end, just like an April Fool's joke. The court case will take months or years, after all. Millions of dollars, too. And I know the Supreme Court isn't fond of refunds, win or lose.
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