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Might be a large trade, but could you check my thread for these 25 Pokemon? >.<

1st Black Game

Box 1
10ANIV Lugia lv70 Hasty ID 06227

Box 3
10ANNIV Charizard lv70 Serious ID 06227
10ANNIV Pikachu lv70 Timid ID 06227
10ANNIV Articuno lv70 Naughty ID 06227
10ANNIV Entei lv70 Bold ID 06227
10ANNIV Suicune lv70 Bold ID 06227
10ANNI Charizard lv70 Calm ID 06227
10ANNI Articuno lv70 Adamant ID 06227
10ANNI Entie lv70 quirky ID 06227
10ANNI Suicune lv70 Timid ID 06227
10ANNI Lugia lv70 Hasty ID 06227
10ANNI Ho-Oh lv70 Naive ID 06227
10ANNI Latias lv70 Lonely ID 06227
10JAHRE Suicune lv70 Docile ID 06227

Box 6
PokePark Swablu lv5 Calm ID 12328 *SHINY*

Box 9
Jeremy Psyduck (info withheld)
Jeremy Ekans (info withheld)
Jeremy Growlithe (info withheld)
Jeremy Machamp (info withheld)
Jeremy Staryu (info withheld)
Jeremy Vulpix (info withheld)
Jeremy Tauros (info withheld)

Box 11
PCNYd Zangoose lv18 Careful ID 00089
PCNYd Salamence lv50 Sassy ID 00018

Box 18
Wish Chansey lv5 Naughty
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