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Alice Crenshaw
Somewhere in Oak Island (I suppose)

Alice finally came to. Everything looked strange to her. Where was she? It was very dark, and all she could make out of the little light that was in the room was the bed she was in. It appeared to be in a pretty bad shape, but in spite of that it looked like it could take her weight (She isn't very heavy after all). Her heart began to beat faster once more, and she could sense that someone was around.

"Wakey-wakey!" said a creepy voice all of a sudden.

"EEEEEK!" Alice shrieked and clutched her legs.

Before her, someone was standing. Because of the darkness and that fact that the person was wearing a hooded outfit that made him reminiscent of a wraith, she couldn't see who it really was. But one thing was clear to her: this man was up to nothing good. Then she had another feeling. Somebody else was there. Once again, her hunch was right, as a small Pokémon appeared from behind the creepy, shady person. It was the Ralts who had teleported her away!
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