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Username: CloysterOyster
Partner: Eevee
Pokémon team:

Porygon-Z @ Scope Lens
Ability: Analytic

-Conversion 2
-Tri Attack

Persian @ Quick Claw
Ability: Limber

-Fury Swipes
-Night Slash

Kangaskhan @ Scope Lens
Ability: Scrappy

-Comet Punch
-Mega Punch
-Dizzy Punch
-Sucker Punch

Girafarig @ Twisted Spoon
Ability: Inner Focus

-Odor Sleuth

Ditto @ Metal Powder
Ability: Imposter


Blissey @ Lucky Punch
Ability: Serene Grace

-Egg Bomb

Reason for joining: I love Normal-types and believe they are vastly overlooked.
Favorite Normal-type: I would have to say either Eevee or Porygon. Eevee can evolve into 8 other Pokémon and Porygon is man-made and can evolve twice with the help of an Up-grade and Dubious Disc. They have their pros and cons (weak to Fighting and can't hit Ghost-types but can evolve and gain more powers).