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    Originally Posted by Normal Spirit View Post
    Hey everyone just so you know I updated the main post including the definition of your Pokemon team. My intent was to allow Pokemon teams consisting of at LEAST 50%(3 Pokemon) Normal-Type Pokemon, so your whole team doesn't have to be Normal-Type(For example, my team in my signature).

    Welcome Cloysteroyster! I'm glad to have you in the group! I see that you favor Ditto and Porygon, I like your taste . I like those Pokemon a lot too.

    I hope that you will have fun with the other members here in the club and that you will help us become better than we were before. I look forward to getting to know you more! Feel free to send me a Friend Request if you like.
    I sent you a friend request. I like Ditto because it can morph into any Pokemon and Porygon was much sought after when I used to play the Game Boy Color games. I had to have one with each game I played, just loved it and its moveset. Better than before? Does that have something to do with the previous Normal-type group? I've noticed it's gone.