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Originally Posted by F1refly View Post
I realise now that I haven't had a chance to thank you for my Ava/Sig Combo. Thank you very much my good sir, it is so awesome I use them wherever I can.
No probz at all, I am glad that you liked them

Originally Posted by Normal Spirit View Post
What is the usual size for a banner? I don't know the pixel sizes very well which is why I'm asking for the most common size. I will ask for a request later Thank you!
Well, the banner size can be any depending on the available space for it. For eg:

It's size is: 264px × 62px whereas this one's:-

is: 500px × 106px
So, whatever is the size, I will create it. If you want to show me the place where the banner is going, I can adjust the size myself. Just link me to your site where the banner will go.

@All other: Will take care of all the request shortly.
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