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Your Pokémon Team(At LEAST 50% Normal-Type):

I can't be bothered to do movesets and items, so apologies! I might edit it in later when I have the chance though. Also went with a normal monotype team because why not? Normal types are a great type by themselves. On a side note, this team is so non-serious that it isn't even funny. I mainly picked on how cute they were and some were just as references to the greatest trainers of all time. (hint hint: joey) ;D

Rattata (my rattata outclasses joey's and that's saying something)

Your Pokémon Partner: Porygon2

Reason for joining:

Why wouldn't you join? Normal types are amazing and by far one of the best types in the game. They don't look like much at first sight, but really they can be as fearsome as dragons and things that can shoot fireballs. With their only weakness being Fighting, normal types don't have to fear much. Yes arguably their moves are resisted by a lot of Pokemon and they don't have any super effectivenesses, but they have access to such a huge movepool compared to other types. Take for example, Joey's top percentage Rattata- that thing could freeze you to your death if it really wanted to. Normal types are also one of the first types in the game and I always try to include one on my team because they can wreck havoc. They're so easy and fun to use, it really doesn't require too much skill to work with them. Most of their designs are awesome as well. What's not to love about normal types?

Answer the current topic:

Porygon2! I never paid much attention to that cheeky duck until I got into competitive. It really is something! It looks so harmless and sometimes you wonder what its doing up in the higher tiers, but I'll tell you what its doing- being a mischief maker! Stalling, walling, attacking, Porygon2 can do all sorts of things that its evolution can't. With access to much better defenses and an Eviolite, Porygon2 is almost impossible to take down and I find it extremely fun to use. Add in the fact that its the cutest rubber duck I've ever seen. <3;