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    HGSS's touch screen was the best. The C-gear was just made to look pretty with skins and customizable shapes and colors.

    Imagine the interface from HGSS... But with an icon that referred to the new XY interface. Clicking it would switch to a screen that shows nearby people and whatever else new features it has. This icon would light-up if nearby people were detected, essentially as a notification. Furthermore, another icon to immediately switch to your key items, similar to the Y-button menu in Black/White.

    As for the Poketch features, I think most of the useful apps could just be used as touch screen key items, such as the Dowsing Machine or a new Berry Finder. Whether or not a person finds them useful could be reflected through whether they're registered.

    Edit: Also, what the heck was Gamefreak thinking getting rid of the auto-running shoes feature? I thought they would add it back in BW2, but nope! Holding the B button down is tiresome.
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