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    #1: Snivy evolutionary line. I remember the hype surrounding "smugleaf" when it was first unveiled, and it's evolutions stayed true to this attitude. It even had its own meme. (I chose Oshawott as my starter, to comment on my impartiality.)

    #2: Zoroark. Illusion ability and a badass design. I don't even like Zoroark that much, yet I can't ignore his coolness factor.

    #3: Scrafty. Sagging IRL is not cool, but the fact that Gamefreak connected the idea of a lizard who sheds its skin with this fashion statement is pretty darn cool.

    #4: Excadrill. Similar to Zangoose, the red scratch marks on its body imply, imo, both that he can make his enemies bleed and scar them. Hardcore.

    I went through the list of all unova pokemon before coming up with this top 4. A bunch of notable mentions are things like Braviary, Hydreigon, and Chandelure.
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