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    Update #1


    The Team:

    Ruby the Scizor
    Hacked/Traded in at Level 1
    Level: 29 | Gender: Female | Nature: Calm | Ability: Technician
    Moves: Slash | Metal Claw | Agility | Bullet Punch
    Stats: 86/76/70/38/61/51

    Sparky the Luxray
    Hacked/Traded in at Level 3
    Level: 30 | Gender: Female | Nature: Relaxed | Ability: Intimidate
    Moves: Spark | Bite | Charge | Swagger
    Stats: 92/83/59/62/56/47

    Daphne the Glaceon
    Hacked/Traded in at Level 8
    Level: 28 | Gender: Female | Nature: Careful | Ability: Snow Cloak
    Moves: Bite | Quick Attack | Icy Wind | Dig
    Stats: 76/43/70/77/68/47

    Adventure Log:

    Day 1:
    • Selected Character. Boy named Andrew
    • Talked to Mom and Hugh. Found Bianca
    • Chose Oshawott as Starter. Used as HM Slave
    • Followed Bianca to Pokemon Center. Saved and Hacked in Ruby the Scizor. (Originally from Platinum. Used PokéGen ONLY to move Scizor to Black 2.
    • Followed Bianca, watched her catch a Pokémon.
    • Moved on to Floccessy Town
    • Spoke with Alder. Moved on to Floccesy Ranch
    • Saved the Herdier, helped Hugh defeat Team Plasma.
    • Went back to Aspertia City. Defeated Cheren to get the Basic Badge
    • Hacked in Sparky the Shinx at Level 3
    • Grinded for levels on Route 20. Evolved Sparky to Luxio.
    • Travelled to Virbank. Saved the Game.

    Day 2:
    • Defeated Team Plasma again
    • Grinded in Virbank Complex
    • Sparky and Ruby dominated the Virbank Gym. Obtained Toxic Badge
    • Starred in a Movie
    • Hopped on a boat and travelled to Castelia City
    • Hacked in Daphne the Glaceon at Level 8. (The only Eevee in the game is only obtainable after you become the Champion)
    • Went up to Route 4 to train Daphne
    • Returned to Castelia to challenge the Gym. Daphne swept almost every trainer, including Burgh. Obtained Insect Badge
    • Beat Colress on Route 4
    • Trained in Desert Resort
    • Moved on to Nimbasa City
    • Went through the rollercoaster building and beat all the trainers
    • Challenged the gym. Sparky and Daphne did most of the work. Ruby knocked out Flaaffy
    • Healed at the Pokemon Center. Saved the Game.

    The adventure log was off of the top of my head, so I might have mixed up the order of events. The team is pretty solid so far. I'll be getting Emolga next.

    Ultimate Solo Challenge Progress

    Yellow: 8/8 (Complete!)
    SoulSilver: 16/16 (Complete!)
    A. Sapphire: 8/8 (Complete!)
    Platinum: 8/8 (Complete!)
    White: 8/8 (Complete!)
    X: 8/8 (Complete!)
    Sun: 7/7 (Complete!)

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