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    Originally Posted by Maxresh View Post
    No probz at all, I am glad that you liked them

    Well, the banner size can be any depending on the available space for it. For eg:

    It's size is: 264px × 62px whereas this one's:-

    is: 500px × 106px
    So, whatever is the size, I will create it. If you want to show me the place where the banner is going, I can adjust the size myself. Just link me to your site where the banner will go.

    @All other: Will take care of all the request shortly.
    Okay! Here is my request:
    Type of Graphic(sig/avi/banner,etc): banner
    Text: The Normal Maniacs
    Subtext: The Normal-Type Fan Club
    Size:500px X 106px or whatever you see is best.
    Image link:,375x360.u1.png
    Additional Notes: The link to the Normal Fan Club is in my current banner so you can just click on the one in my signature to get there.

    Thank you!
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