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Originally Posted by Narnia View Post
I hate Stoutland. Lillipup and Herdier are absolute cuties and I was expecting a lot from its final evolution when nope, this huge odd-defying dog appears with a grumpy face. I just hated it and was completely unimpressed. It was way too big for my liking and no dog should be that size. Ever. Swoobat just makes me sigh in exasperation, the concept was okay but the design wasn't the best thing I've ever seen. Garbodor is just... well garbage. Apart from being a bag of trash its just uncreative, it wins the prize of worst Pokemon of that generation. Arguably though, I felt that Seismitoad and the monkeys also looked terrible. They weren't very fun Pokemon to use either to be honest.
Haha, Stoutland was kinda disappointing, but then again... super powerful, good defense, attack, EVERYTHING! xD Lilipup is just like an average puppy, but then again... I LOVE PUPPIES!! :D