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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
Hey, nice to see this here too ^^

I really love keeping up with this; so, I really look forward to more updates :3
Thanks Shawn, means a lot coming from you. n__n


>Get out of truck

You now get out of the truck, only to be welcomed by your over enthusiastic MOM. She has been waiting for you and is excited to welcome you into your new LIVING QUARTERS. Not as excited as you, but whatever. Anything can happen in this extremely small village. It seems to be the size of an airplane. You look around and see a sign that reads, LITTLEROOT TOWN. What an odd name.

>Proceed into quarters

Your elated mother beckons you to come inside, and you see HARDWORKING VIGOROTHS moving items back and forth in a continuous loop in front of the TV. You sincerely hope they won't be doing that forever, because then how will you watch your beloved HOUSE? What if next episode someone gets cancer again? You could never miss it. You shudder even thinking about it. Your mother tells you to go upstairs and "fix your clock". You have no idea why an ORDINARY CLOCK would need fixing.

>Fix Clock?

You don't do anything but move the ORDINARY CLOCK a little to the left, but that doesn't seem to work. So with your GRUBBY HAND, you move the actual time to 12:00AM. You laugh because it actually isn't 12:00AM. God, you guess your sense of humor was run over by the SMELLY TRUCK. Your mom calls you back downstairs.

>Go Downstairs and run over to yelling mother.

Your mom is excitedly jumping up and down over a POKEMON NEWS SHOW. You don't know what could possibly be so entertaining about such a show, but you see your MYSTERIOUS FATHER on the screen, talking with an older looking person. Your mother seems elated even more than before, and you don't want to hurt her feelings. You ponder over something for a second.


Just decide, already. We're trying to tell a story.

>Spit on virtual father

This action leaves your mother with a gasp of air and half an hour of scolding before she realizes you have things to do. Huh, how weird, she says. You have things to do. She shrugs and sends you out.

>Go to next route

You begin walking up towards the next area of your adventure, but a LITTLE KID is in your way.

>Step around kid

You move, but obviously you misinterpreted this. She is actually a BRATTY LITTLE KID, as she doesn't move out of your way.

>Punch kid into next dimension and move on to the goddamn route.

You would love to do this, oh how you would, but you feel as if the cretin was placed here so annoyingly for a reason, and so you decide to do something else for now.

>Check out neighboring house.



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