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    Keep doing what you're doing. Studying maps made by others is a great way of seeing what is good and bad when mapping.

    Some general guidelines you can follow to improve any map are these:

    1. Does the area look empty when viewed in-game? Try to always have 60% of the screen area with something other than ground.

    2. Does the path the player is supposed to follow have enough space to move around in?
    Make sure that there is always at least a 2 wide area the player can walk in. (Unless it's supposed to be a secret path to an item, for example.)

    3. Try to always have something behind the houses. Either a path out of the town, another house, mountains or trees. Never have large areas of just grass behind buildings.

    4. Always make the sand/dirt paths go from building to building, as it would in real life. Also try to not change the size of the road. Stick to either 2, 3 or 4 wide. Don't mix 3 and 4 tiles wide roads in one town.

    5. Finally, don't use different kinds of houses in the same town. Try to always use the same style of houses, like only orange houses in Town A, or just houses made of wood in Town B. In real life, house design are often random in the same neighborhood, but that doesn't look good in a game.
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