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Here's what happens and why you don't see any huge leaps in stats: it's because you only get all the stat points from EV training when your Pokemon is level 100. Otherwise, the amount of stat points you get for a particular stat depends on the level. Smogon's EV training guide is the best and the one I used to understand the mechanics, here it is.

Copied from there:


The following two formulas determine your Pokemon's stats (round down after every parenthesis):

HP = ((2 * BaseHP + IV + (EV / 4)) * Level / 100 + Level + 10)
Stat = (((2 * BaseStat + IV + (EV / 4)) * Level / 100 + 5) * Nature)


BaseHP = The Pokemon's base HP
BaseStat = The Pokemon's base stat for your given statistic (Attack, Defense, etc)
IV = The IV value of your Pokemon's stats (anywhere from 0 to 31)
EV = The amount of EVs you invested into your Pokemon (anywhere from 0 to 255)
Nature = Nature modifier for the given stat (0.9, 1.0, and 1.1)
Level = The Pokemon's current level.

So basically, the amount of stat points you get is actually (EV/4) * (Level/100).

Also, if you want to check if you've done the EV training correctly, call Bianca in B2W2 and she'll tell you if your Pokemon got 510 EVs in total or 252 EVs in a particular stat.