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Originally Posted by WackyTurtle View Post
Also regarding graphics, I see too many games focus too much on graphics and not enough on actual gameplay, so I'd rather finish the bulk of the work of my game, then work on making it look good afterwards (which can be done any time).
Please, don't change your outlook on this; it's far more practical than the alternative. A ridiculous amount of games go unfinished or have next to no gameplay (and tend to be the higher praised ones because they look nice) due to the constant focus on making everything look pretty and unique. There's nothing more heart-breaking than seeing people eventually drop projects. You seem to know this, and that's absolutely wonderful.

I'm actually really excited about this! It's definitely refreshing to see a game with a different take on the bread and butter of Pokemon. And you certainly seem capable! I'll be looking forward to seeing this one released.
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