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    Originally Posted by SNOR(es)LAX View Post
    Not yet. Saving up still.

    Not sure whether should I get the 3DS or the XL though...
    They are both the same, other than screen size. If you have a DSiXL and have been playing it a while, you might want to get a 3DSXL. The Screen is 90% bigger than the normal 3DS screen, which is smaller than a DSiXL screen I believe. I think the 3DSXL screen is bigger that DSiXL screen. Once I get use to a screen size, I can't stand playing on smaller sizes. That is my opinion though. If you are use to the small screen, I would go ahead and get just the normal 3DS.

    Also the normal 3DS has more colors than XL at the moment in the US.
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