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Originally Posted by LCCoolJ95 View Post
Wait...what? OK, the Kyogre one makes sense, I wasn't using the Master Sheet. But Groudon and Rayquaza? Are you being serious right now?
yes I'm being serious lol.

The "Master Sheet" front sprites are the exact same sprites as B/W.
Yeah I know that... if you read what I said carefully, you'll notice that I only mentioned Kyogre:
And you didn't use the Kyogre sprite from the Master Sheet.
I don't see the word "Groudon" or "Rayquaza" in there.

Here's the problem with your sprites:
*You resized Groudon at a different ratio horizontally and vertically. I specifically said in the guidelines that this is not allowed. It's really obvious, because it looks squished, and I checked too
*You used the wrong Kyogre sprite
*You resized Rayquaza at a different ratio horizontally and vertically. I said in the guidelines that it's not allowed. This is what I meant by "completely changed the proportions".

Here's why I know that you didn't read the guidelines at all:
*You submitted the front and shiny sprite. I said in the guidelines that I don't want shiny sprites, I just want front and back.
*You resized the sprites at different ratios horizontally and vertically, and you squished them, altering their proportions. In my tutorial I showed exactly how I resize my sprites, using Ninetales as an example. It's clear that you didn't read it, since I pointed out very clearly that you're supposed to set the horizontal and vertical resize rates at the exact same number, which you didn't do, because your sprites are squished, and aren't proportionate to the original sprites.

In case you weren't able to find the guidelines, here it is:
I already linked to it in the first post and my signature, so I don't see how you were able to miss this. It is a requirement that you read the guidelines before submitting, as there is a high quality standard in this project, and I follow all of these guidelines myself.

At least I attempted doing the front sprites. No one else is going to do them, because they're big and challenging to do.
Yeah but they're not challenging for me at all. Like, honestly I don't care if "no one else is going to do them", because then that means I get to do it, which means I don't have to worry about it looking bad. I think I've already established that I'm more than capable of doing them myself, if no one wants to do them. Considering how I've already done Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Origin Giratina, Arceus, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, etc... yeah, the Weather Trio will definitely be a challenge... /sarcasm

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