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I don't like this...
I like original EV training, it shouldn't be out in the open.
That, and the main pokemon games has never really had 'training' before
aside from the Join Avenue fitness center, I believe.
If I may - why shouldn't it?

I don't follow why letting people customise how they train their Pokemon be more 'open' is a bad thing. Especially when it is clearer to the older system which was 'beat up these specific Pokemon x times to gain y number of stat gains for that particular stat, up to a non-round number as a maximum limit. Except it changes with this disease or hard-to-obtain item, in which case...' It was a bit too complicated in a way, and more people getting into the more competitive environment is no bad thing imo. It's good for people interested in getting into it, and good for people already in it as it just gives them more ways to EV train.

Join Avenue and other features were a clear step towards integrating it more into general use, and it was generally well received, so I'm not surprised they've continued in this direction.

Besides - minigames! That means more to do beyond the usual 'beat the gyms beat the team be the champion explore everywhere catch them all' deal. I'm quite okay with that.
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