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Originally Posted by Shad0wChas3r View Post
Type of Graphic: Avatar and Signature
Text: Mister Cellophane
Subtext: Sig: How riveting!
Size: AVI: max allowed SIG: Max size allowed
Image link: Avatar: Sig:
Additional Notes: Both could use a cool water effect, if that's at all possible. If not, I want you to do what you think might look best.

Thanks again, and best of luck!
Here ya go shadow:-

Other requests are on the way

Originally Posted by Darkrai666 View Post
Okay so I have a request For a new siggy
Type of Graphic(sig/avi/banner,etc): sig
Text: Darkrai666
Subtext: I'm Darkrai,I'm Satan,I'm epic Your argument is invalid
Size: The normal sig sign
Image link:
Additional Notes: It should Look all freaky and stuff
Here ya go Darkrai:-
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