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The Nightingale Conspiracy
Rated T, for fantasy violence, blood, language and moderate romance (?)
Bear in mind, this RP takes place in a futuristic fictional city, which Pokemon alone have built and inhabit. Humans are never mentioned.
OOC can be found here.


Fuzzy is the best feeling. He could feel his surroundings, but he couldn't open his eyes. He couldn't move, and he barely breathed. His body's membranes were all protected, though, so that made him feel fuzzy. After a while of pondering, though, a question shot up to his mind. What is this place? Then another question. However did I end up here? And then another. Who am I? Raymond sat motionless in a dark world. From a hunch, or medical clarity that came out of nowhere, he could tell he was in a coma. An unusual coma, that was, if his brain was working just fine. His ears picked up the slightest sound in the closed room, too; he could hear many other breaths. I am not alone. The others stood motionless as well.

A voice boomed from a speaker, the sound resonating painfully loud in his ears. "You're conscious! You're conscious!" the metallic voice was saying. "Joy! You don't remember anything, do you? That's my doing, I'm sorry. A necessary precaution. Don't sweat, you'll restore your memories with your hard work. But first, let us introduce ourselves. I am the Scientist. Yes, the Scientist..." That person sounded awkward, Raymond thought. He is not comfortable... I can turn that against him, was a sudden thought, then a strong desire to break free of his chair took over his mind. Whoever this Scientist was, Raymond could not stand the thought that he had been constrained in such way. A shard of an old personality of him, perhaps, was telling him that the Scientist was afraid of him specifically, and that is why he was put into a coma. He could not remember anything of his past, or who the Scientist was, but from the way he spoke, he could come to deducing a lot of things about him. The Accelgor stayed silent on his chair, unable to move. I know... I know... he kept thinking, I can break him, I know.

The Scientist continued talking in a frantic tone that changed frequency from time to time, as if he himself was just learning how to speak properly. That voice belonged to an insecure person who was trying to hide it.

"They call me the Scientist, because I am the Scientist, after all... heh... now let me explain your situation, because that's how we'll all cooperate and benefit each other merrily. As you can see, you're strapped onto machines. I like to call them, the Dormitus 4.4.
The Dormitus 4.4 is a machine that uses state of the art techmaturgy - it's a wonder of the combination of technology and magic. It measures your vital activities on a screen next to you and it makes sure your body stays healthy, despite being motionless, so you don't have to worry about moving or eating. When you fall asleep, the machine intrudes your head, specifically the area of the eyes. It reads and reproduces what you have already seen, but have forgotten! Allow me to explain. The eyes have recorded images that are forever stored on their... let's say, tissue; that's how dreams are created, I have found out, by the recollection and alteration of those random images, combined with scenarios in your mind. The Dormitus sets an order in those images in such way, that in your dream, you are effectively viewing what you have seen in the past.
When you dream and go back, you maintain conscience of both the present and the past. You have regained all of your memories, and essentially, you temporary know who you are in the past, but you do not know the future yet. That's what we all are trying to find out, peaceful and all - your future. Only, remember! Mentioning out loud your present situation in the past will force Dormitus to bring you back, as to not cause any... unwanted conundrums... with the, umm, your memories. For the sake of communicating mentally, the machines synchronize your dreams, as to make live interaction between you possible. You think of something in the present, while you are in your dream, and the others can hear you. That way, you can agree when to snap awake. You can try planning to escape, I challenge you to!

When you wake up and return to the present, you can only remember the actual experience - what you have seen yourself do in your dream, not your thoughts or any information stored in your subconscious, and begin to learn about yourself from your actions, rather than your memories. In order to unlock all of your memories in the present, you need to piece out who you are in the past, by finding out how you came to be here, in my lab..."

He paused for a second, considering. "You've much to say, yes, go on if you may. When you're ready to visit your memories, though, tell me. I'm sure... all of you are curious to know who you are, hm?"

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