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    I have a question! I am really excited to play Pokemon X and Y and I see there will be a new evolution for Blaziken! Blaziken is my favorite Pokemon and I really want Mega-Blaziken. I heard that to evolve Blaziken you need Blazikenite and can only be obtained ocober 12th.
    That seems okay but my mom turns 54 that day my birthday is october 26th! I don't even have 3DS so my mom suggested I get 3DS on my birthday with Pokemon Y! I accepted it and mom knows my love for pokemon is HUGE! Now I can't get Torchic or Mega Blaziken! WHY!????? So my big brother said I should get an action replay to cheat the Torchic since he has cheated Arceus event on his diamond. Will there be a code for this Torchic? I need HIIM! I know this should not be posted here but come on people! I am new! If someone here could contact me that they will happily create a cheat code for this Torchic I will accept it!
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