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    Originally Posted by Darioxix View Post
    I have a question! I am really excited to play Pokemon X and Y and I see there will be a new evolution for Blaziken! Blaziken is my favorite Pokemon and I really want Mega-Blaziken. I heard that to evolve Blaziken you need Blazikenite and can only be obtained ocober 12th.
    That seems okay but my mom turns 54 that day my birthday is october 26th! I don't even have 3DS so my mom suggested I get 3DS on my birthday with Pokemon Y! I accepted it and mom knows my love for pokemon is HUGE! Now I can't get Torchic or Mega Blaziken! WHY!????? So my big brother said I should get an action replay to cheat the Torchic since he has cheated Arceus event on his diamond. Will there be a code for this Torchic? I need HIIM! I know this should not be posted here but come on people! I am new! If someone here could contact me that they will happily create a cheat code for this Torchic I will accept it!
    Don't worry, the Torchic with the mega stone will be available till mid january, so even if you get the game later than Octobar 12th you can still get the Torchic.
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